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Flat frequency response headphones for mixing

For mixing I use speakers and headphones that do very little unnatural treble and bass boosting so I'm hearing an accurate representation of what is really happening across the frequency spectrum.

Recommended mixing gear:

1) Flat medium sized powered studio monitor speakers that are decoupled from your desk with foam or stands.

2) A properly adjusted subwoofer and crossover set-up that you can easily switch On or Off.

3) Flat headphones that you can fine tune your mixes with.


These are my favourite "flat" mixing headphones:

Audio Technica ATH M40fs review 

Futch headphones

These will probably be the next flat headphones I purchase:

AKG K702 Headphones review by MKBHD

EQ sections

When recording and mixing, mentally divide each sound into 4 EQ sections: Bass, Low Mid, Hi Mid and Treble.

Decide which tracks or instruments don't need much of each EQ section and remove some of it.eg: Cut all bass and some low mid from the Hi-Hats and cymbals

Lightly boost EQ sections that enhance each track.  eg: Boost a little treble on vocals recorded with a dynamic mic or boost some low mid on a snare.

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